Users who complete the following social media tasks will be entered into a raffle for a chance to join the Guaranteed Community Whitelist; this guarantees their ability to mint a Dojo Badge. There are also two additional raffles with cash prizes – details below.

400 lucky Gleam participants will be whitelisted to mint Dojo Early-bird Badges. With each successfully minted Badge, the participant will be airdropped 5 USDC.

An additional prize pool of 2,000 USDC will be shared to another 400 random Gleam participants (5 USDC each)


Airdrop description:

1: Open the airdrop link.

2: Join Ancient8 Dojo on Telegram group and channel.

3: Follow Ancient8 Dojo on Twitter.

4: Submit your SOL address.

5: Only For 800 Random lucky people.


Note: Please only participate in the completely free airdrop, please don’t spend any even a penny! Remember, only participate in free airdrops


Required tools

Telegram     Twitter    SOL address