“GOGA is a web3 language learning app with GameFi & Social Fi elements. Users equipped with GOGA Tutors (NFTs) – learn and compete with other users to earn GOGA Tokens, which can be used to level up or mint new GOGA Tutors.

Airdrop rewards will be distributed after TGE and only 150 lucky random participants will be rewarded.

Please perform the tasks below to earn 1 NFT (~$100).


Airdrop description:

1:Open the airdrop link.

2:Join GOGA on Discord group.

3:Follow GOGA on Twitter.

4:Submit your SOL address.

5:For 150 Random lucky people.


Note: Please only participate in the completely free airdrop, please don’t spend any even a penny! Remember, only participate in free airdrops.


Required tools

Telegram     Twitter   SOL address