SCOOBY tokens are designed and built from the ground up to become a source of steady passive income for holders.

Part of our token sales get siphoned into holders’ wallets as BTC and SCOOBY tokens.

Scooby Total airdrop is worth to 1 Trillion SBD ($N/A) tokens.

Also, share your referral link to earn 1 ticket  for each referral.


Airdrop description:

1:Open the bot airdrop link.

2:Join Scooby on Telegram group and channel.

3:Follow Scooby on Twitter.

4:Submit your BEP-20 address.


Note: Please only participate in the completely free airdrop, please don’t spend any even a penny! Remember, only participate in free airdrops.


Required tools:

Telegram     Twitter    BEP20 address